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2024 AGM and Presidents Report

On May 25th, we gathered for our AGM at the picturesque Green Room, Imperial Hotel, and were thrilled to see one of our largest turnouts ever, with 28 attendees. The meeting was infused with positivity and enthusiasm, buoyed by a strong Treasurer's report affirming our robust financial health, and a President's report outlining exciting future projects and highlighting a successful past year.

We were honoured to have Cr Maria Suarez, Division 9 Councillor and Deputy Mayor, serve as our Chair for the meeting. Thank you, Cr Suarez, for your dedication and support to our Chamber and the Eumundi community.

A significant highlight was welcoming three new members to our Management Committee, as above, while bidding farewell to three esteemed members, David Perez and Ashlee Collins.

David, with his seven years of dedicated service, leaves behind a legacy of clear-headed leadership, creative insights, and unwavering enthusiasm that greatly benefited our Chamber and its members.

Ashlee, though with a shorter tenure, made a notable impact with her readiness to step up whenever needed and her consistent support in various capacities.

And Craig, with his extensive business acumen, tenacity for being solutions orientated, and endearing nature made for a well rounded team during his tenure.

As the Chamber progressed through a period of stabilisation, then consolidation to where it is today, their contributions are extremely valued. We look forward to their continued presence at networking events and contributions to our community in their respective business interests. 

The post-meeting networking session, generously sponsored by the Imperial Hotel, was a resounding success, further fostering camaraderie and celebrating another fruitful year for our Chamber.

Here's to continued growth, collaboration, and success in the year ahead!

Meet the 2024/2025 Chamber Management Team

From left: Louise Formosa (Secretary); Cr Maria Suarez, (Division 9 Councillor & Deputy Mayor, Sunshine Coast Council) Election Chair; Andrew Walcott (Treasurer); Tom Rumble (Main Street Representative; Cindy Suters (President).

Apology: Janene Pearson (Vice President)

Appointed as the Experience Eumundi Directors representing the Chamber for the 2025 term are David Perez, and Tom Rumble.

New Mgt Team

Presidents Report

Annual Membership Fee and Renewal for 2024/2025

The management committee made two recommendations regarding membership fees for the 2024/2025 year to members at the AGM as follows:

(a) For the annual membership fee to remain at 2023/2024 rate of $130.00

(b) To continue the special offer of 50% reduction in annual membership fee to be given to new "Ordinary Members" during the 2024/2025 Financial Year for applicants who have not previously applied for membership to chamber.

Both items were carried with all in favour.

Members are invited to renew their membership for 2024/2025. Invoices will be emailed in June for payment by 30 June 2024.